Preconfigured Framework

Insuresoft strives to meet the individual needs of each client. Whether the insurer requires a dedicated team of support personnel or the ability to utilize a support pool, we offer the right solution to every business need.

The Insuresoft Implementation Process - 100% Success Rate

Whether it’s maximizing workflows, implementing automated processes, or helping our clients increase their productivity, we have a team of experts that are right for the job. Our proven methodology is based on agile principles to implement your core insurance processing system.

At Insuresoft we have a proven 100% successful implementation rate, meaning no client has left us after a failed implementation. In fact, we have many clients who have come to us after another vendor’s failed implementation. We have several clients who have been using Diamond since our inception.

Our implementations are second to none because we have the dedicated teams, resources, roles, and artifacts established. We have a dedicated Relationship Advocate who provides consistent engagement and transparent communication from beginning to end; they know the customer and orchestrate the activities throughout the customer journey.

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Giving Clients Options

Dedicated Resources for Implementations

Implementation is more than project management. It embodies relationships. It is structured around the customer lifecycle, not the project lifecycle, and what must happen for customers to be successful – on our side and on their side, inside the product and beyond. The objective of a successful implementation is to “Start Right” so that relationships with our customers begin on a positive footing and continue beyond the completion of the initial Statement of Work.

Our team guides you through the entire customer lifecycle. The project or implementation and its activities and deliverables are just a subset of the overall customer journey.

Project Management – ensures consistency and predictability on what we deliver and how we deliver it. It is governed by a playbook and executed across all implementations. It addresses all phases of the project lifecycle: Discovery, Definition, Development, and Deployment

Relationship Advocacy – begins with customer onboarding and extends beyond the implementation.  Concentrates efforts on driving customer-defined success criteria and desired outcomes. Partners with the customer on future and forward-thinking initiatives

The Implementation Success Team Includes:

  • A collaborative methodology that is proven, documented, repeatable, and measurable 
  • Understanding of our customers’ needs, challenges, and expectations  
  • A dedicated team that works side-by-side with the Implementation Services Team on implementations 
  • Orchestrates activities and involvement amongst multiple implementation partners and support teams 
  • Focuses on removing the complexities and friction that can occur when multiple parties are involved 

Support & Maintenance

The partnership doesn’t end when the system goes to production. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a highly qualified support team with experience in both insurance and technology.

The insurance industry is changing faster than ever before and new innovations in technology are in the news every day. It’s more crucial than ever that insurers don’t find themselves left behind on legacy software.