Better Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Insuresoft’s BPO services will help you get more work done more efficiently and more cost effectively. We’ll enable your experts to focus on core activities related to underwriting, claims, service, and sales, while our experts alleviate back-office processing. You grow your business. We scale your back-office processes to accommodate that growth. That translates to fewer headaches, fewer distractions, and improved profitability for you.
Our BPO services are provided with complete transparency to you, but we are invisible to your customers and agents.  Insuresoft can be your complete back-office insurance partner.​
BPO Offerings

We offer a full range of back-office support and operational services. These services can be used individually, or as a full back-office solution.

Customer Support

Our Customer Service team can help in three ways:

  1.  Our full-service level comprises receiving and processing all inbound customer service contacts.
  2.  Our overflow level provides service as needed.
  3. Our disaster coverage level ensures your business will go on as usual even if your facility is inoperable or overwhelmed because of a significant event.
Premium Support

Traditional bank lockboxes download your files and then you post to their software. Without direct access, bank lockboxes have reduced quality control measures, increasing error rates. Because we have our own intelligent lockbox facility, we post payments directly into your software and upload them to your bank. In addition, we’ll take care of all your other premium processing needs. 

Underwriting Support

Like our other services, you can fully outsource this to us, or use us for short-term projects such as conversions or book rolls.

We’ll provide economical and reliable FNOL intake via phone, email, fax, or web portal. We’ll identify claim severity, set up initial reserves and adjuster assignments, and communicate information to your customers. We offer 3 levels of support.